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Bruce Springsteen ‘Sundown’ (live)

A live performance of the song ‘Sundown’ from the Concert film ‘Western Stars’ - in theaters October 25th.

Drumeo Gab podcast interview

I recently had a fun chat with Seamus Evely for his podcast ‘Drumeo Gab’

We Discuss a bit of my backstory, and talk about a wide range of topics including my approach in the studio, the benefit of having a ‘producer’s ear’ as a drummer, and some stories from my sessions with Bruce Springsteen. Listen Below:

Bruce Springsteen ‘western stars’

I’m thrilled to finally announce that you can hear me playing drums on the new solo album by Bruce Springsteen ‘Western Stars’


A few years ago, I got a mysterious text from my friend, Engineer Ross Petersen insisting I jump in a car immediately, and come to a random address in New Jersey. That text changed my life to say the least. Producer Ron Aniello, and Bruce have put together a marvelous collection of music that is inspired by lush, larger-than-life ‘western’ themed music from the late 60’s and 70’s. It’s sound is familiar but undeniably fresh and current at the same time. I can’t thank Ron, Ross, Rob LeBret, Toby Scott, and Bruce enough for letting this ‘kid from the city’ play some drums behind one of his heroes. You can hear me on the tracks: Tucson Train • Sleepy Joe's Cafe • Drive Fast (The Stuntman) • Sundown • Stones • There Goes My Miracle. 

Below is the video we shot for the single, ‘Tucson Train’

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 5.13.13 PM.png

New Mother Feather album ‘constellation baby’

I’m excited to announce the release of the newest album by my band Mother Feather - ‘Constellation Baby’

It’s availble now on all Streaming Platforms


It was recorded in 3 weeks at Mission Sound, and Glass Wall studios in Brooklyn, NY

Below is a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video I made during the recording process:

Additional Recording Footage from the songs:

'Red Hot Metal' 'Supernatural' 'Desert Island' 'Snakebite'

Miley Cyrus sessions

Very excited to announce that I played drums on these 2 new releases from Miley Cyrus ! They are part of the 2 new Elton John tribute records that just came out. Both songs were produced by the amazing Andrew Wyatt (Miike Snow) - ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ is on REVAMP amongst other artists like: Lady Gaga, Qotsa, Coldplay. ‘Bitch Is Back’ is on the country version RESTORATION with artists like Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and others.

Check out each of the songs below:

Grace Vanderwaal single out - 'Clearly'

I’m playing drums on the new Grace VanderWaal single ‘Clearly’ It's produced by @idovstheworld - and is a reimagining of the classic tune by Johnny Nash. 

Here's some footage of tracking the drums at Ido's studio. Cameo from Ido, dancing in the backround.

Demo video for drum sample pack - 'neon'

Here’s a DEMO vid I did for ‘NEON’ - the newest Drum Sample Pack from That Sound Drums - It features the engineering, gear and expertise of Chris Zane (@cmzane) - I layered in samples with my Snares and Kick, from the pack. Also I threw in a bunch of one hits - claps, woos, and roto toms (!!!) on the spds-x. The main cowbell loop is also made up from the pack. This is an amazing tool if you’re a producer, or drummer who has a home recording set up. Check out @thatsounddrums for more info, including other KILLER libraries from heavy hitters like @paulmabury and @sterloid

On Tour With Miike Snow

I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to fill in on drums for Miike Snow. The shows ranged from festivals, to a headlining tour. Below is some footage from the tour recorded in Berkley California,  Aspen Colorado, and at the Firefly Festival, in Dover Delaware:

Mexico city with Fischerspooner

Some awesome photos and video from the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City with Fischerspooner. Big thanks to those guys for having me be a part of this amazing experience:

Remo Drum Heads

I couldn't be more excited to announce that i'm officially a Remo Drum Head Artist. These are simply the best heads in the world. They're the industry standard for quality, and most importantly sound.



Gavin degraw - new single

I played on the new Gavin DeGraw single 'She Sets The City On Fire'. We recorded this at Rewind studios here in NYC. The song just premiered on US radio this week! Big thanks to producer Gregg Wattenberg, and all the companies that support me. Check out some footage from the studio below:

Goo Goo Dolls - Recordings / New Single

'Boxes' The new Goo Goo Dolls album is now out! I played drums on 4 tracks: "So Alive" - "Flood" (feat. Sydney Sierota) - "Lucky One" and "Long Way Home"  These songs sound huge! I recorded them here in New York with the band, and producers Gregg Wattenberg and Derek Fuhrmann. You can hear the first single 'So Alive' below:

Also, here's some video footage of us tracking the song in NYC at Rewind Studios

Universal Audio Artist session - Big Data/ Mick Guzauski

Big Data got to spend 3 days at the Universal Audio HQ with legendary Mixer/Engineer Mick Guzauski. This was a part of their 'UA Apollo Artist Sessions' where they team up Musicians, and an Engineer to create a new song from scratch, recorded and mixed entirely on the UA Apollo. Check out some footage below of us recording the new song 'New Body'.

You can hear the finished version of 'New Body' by BIG DATA: HERE

Mother feather BBC Live session

Mother Feather just got back from a quick trip to London. We recorded a live session for Daniel P Carter's Radio 1 Rock Show. It was an amazing experience recording in the same room as many of our biggest idols, and influences. You can stream the session HERE

A Great Big World - New album

I got to work with Producers Gregg Wattenberg, and Derek Fuhrmann on the new A GREAT BIG WORLD album that just came out. I've worked with those guys on numerous projects in the past couple of years including Phillip Phillips, and Five For Fighting. It's always fun, and creative. I'm excited that "OASIS" one of the 6 songs I played on is going to be the next single!  Check it out:

Bernie Sanders rally with BIG DATA

I was honored to have the opportunity to support Senator Bernie Sanders during his New Hampshire Rally, the eve before winning the New Hampshire Primaries. Along with artists Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Young The Giant, and Matt Nathanson - BIG DATA performed 3 songs, and most importantly got to watch Bernie speak to thousands of College Students, and supporters. Big thanks to Mr. Sanders' entire staff, and BIG DATA for having me along on a very memorable trip.

Click for VIDEO

Click for VIDEO

Big Fat Snare Drum

I've teamed up with the guys over at Big Fat Snare Drum and filmed some fun clips using their "Original" and "Snarebourine"

These things are great for the studio, and live applications, I particularly like putting them on toms as well. Check out some video here:

Zildjian Cymbals Artist Roster

I was privileged to be invited up to the Zildjian factory last week to pick out some new cymbals to add to my collection. I'm excited to announce that i'm officially a Zildjian artist now! To be working with a brand i've admired, and trusted my entire career feels amazing. Truly a dream come true. I can't wait to play them all!

You can check out my artist page on here:

click image:

Vater Drum Sticks

I've played Vater Drum Sticks for the the past 10 years, and am thrilled to officially represent them. Big thanks to Chad and the whole team! Check out my page on the Vater website here:

click image:


My First Solo EP is now available on iTunes! 

click image:


C&C Custom drums just made me this beautiful piece of musical art! i'm so excited to get to know these drums!

click image:

You can check out my Artist page on their website here:

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